About D2D Rocket

D2D Rocket is one of the leading providers of shipping services in China that caters to thousands of clients all over the world by moving their packages from the source to destination sooner than later. We have been in this shipping business for years and excel at offering integrated shipping solutions to our clientele so that they can deal with their shipment-related problems better. The moment a professional chooses us to be their logistics partner, they choose peace of mind, on-time delivery, regular updates, and inexpensive yet highly reliable shipping services. And if that’s not all, you need not get discouraged because the delivery experts at D2D Rocket take care of every minor to major need of our consumers. Do you want to know what? Well, it could be speed of dispatching, rate of freight, security of your inventory, compliance with International transportation laws and regulations, responsiveness in case of any tragedy, like theft or loss, and much as such.
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Even the USP of the logistics services offered by D2D Rocket is that we ensure your product reaches your targeted recipients in the best possible condition in order to deliver the maximum possible customer satisfaction. What else? We make sure that the packaging of your goods gets done in such a way that its longevity could be maintained when it comes in use. Till date, we have completed hundreds of thousands of deliveries successfully while winning a multitude of awards and expanding the size of our team to over a few centuries. When you pick D2D Rocket as your logistics company, you are bound to avail of budget-friendly freight forwarding services along with easy pick and drop facility and effortless accessibility.

Keep it in your mind that since we are a well-established shipping company based in China, we understand the service needs of our patrons pretty well. We know how important it is for you to ensure that your product purchasers get their possession extremely quickly and how it can help in the growth of your business. So, in order to achieve that goal, we are constantly upgrading our resources to an extent where it is a breeze for you to assign us the delivery tasks very easily, no matter if that is huge or scanty. This way you can make the most of our offerings, be it sending your items through air, ocean, or road.
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Our Aim is to Make A Massive Difference to Your Business

These days the faster a business works, the greater the growth they achieve. We trust exactly those words and so we ensure you accomplish your purpose sooner than later by transferring your essentials from one location to another in the least possible time. Hence, if on-time delivery is on your mind, we have got you covered.
Air Freight 83%
Ocean freight 91%
Railway Freight 85%

Do you want assistance with your shipments?

As a Logistics company, we will plan your shipment.

What do we do as the best shipping company on the internet?

If you are still wondering what we do as an excellent logistics company on the web, we must tell you that our job is to ease out the transmission of your goods from the place of its manufacture to the place of its consumption. Ok? That means our job involves transferring a swath of items from some raw materials suppliers to its manufacturers or some manufacturers to their end consumers. But the question is, is that the end of the story? Certainly not. But, why? Because there is more than meets the eye, especially when it comes to offering logistics company.

For example, being a full-service shipping company in China we have to wear several hats multiple times, which was not the case before. Be it the need to render a wealth of sophistical logistical solutions for supply chain management systems or only key services such as advanced warehouse management, inbound cargo coordination, order fulfillment, or outbound shipping and delivery. If you need any service of that sort, please make sure to count on D2D Rocket to fulfill your freight movement requirements and rest easy with any concern crossing your mind regarding dispatch or delivery of your products. In short, the faster the shipping services provider you choose, the quicker your entity will grow. And if that is the main goal you want to attain anytime soon, the most effective thing you can do is to accept D2D Rocket as your shipping service partner for the long term instead of a short one.