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Since from 2000

Why Choose D2D ROCKET

D2D Rocket is a state of the art logistics company in china that has transformed of late the way the entire shipping industry works. We mean when it comes to sending your parcel from one place to another, this logistics services provider guarantees to make your whole experience easier, accessible, and affordable. And it is the main reason, tens of hundreds of people from UAE, China and more use its Fast shipping from china to move their cargo from the manufacturer to buyer and buyer to manufacturer (in case of replacements). Not only that! There are times when myriads of product makers call on D2D Rocket to source their raw materials from a bunch of suppliers and we ensure to offer them a comprehensive solution to all the problems related to their shipment.

Please remember, the way technology is evolving as the time is going by, we are keeping up with it to serve our clients in the best possible way. And let us clarify that the evolution is not just limited to timely delivery of your goods but also quick resolution of your grievances the moment you submit it on our website.

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    Our Services


    Fast shipping from China
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    China shipping

    Do you want to ship your bulk material from China? D2D logistics provides fast shipping from China to anywhere in the world.

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    Door to Door Shipping

    We provide the best of shipping services with reasonable and affordable prices. He can help with your shipments.

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    Air Freight

    D2D Rocket has a service of air freight and ocean freight for shipments across the country or any other place.

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    Sea/ Ocean Freight

    This method is used to ship a bulk amount of cargo to your destination through a ship or any other on water transport.

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    Since from 2000


    D2D Rockets is a one of leading international shipping companies providing many services of road and rail transport, ocean and air freight, etc. Listed below are the FAQ’s about the services they provide and how they manage the shipments.

    A logistics company will manage, design, control, and take complete care of other company’s supply chains. These companies provide shipment through International transportation through air and ocean freight.
    These companies manage the shipment of an order by looking at the storage facility, transportation and the kind of transportation you require, order fulfillment and distribution, according to the agreement.
    There are some of the factors that you should look for –
    1. Capacity and coverage of the transportation
    2. Customer service
    3. Experience of the company along with stability
    4. Speed and reliability
    5. Price of the shipment
    There are many things a Logistics company should be able to provide you with like plan, implement, and control the movement of your goods. Keep in touch with the company.
    The one and only objective they serve is to help with your bulk shipment reach their place easily, on time, and with complete accessibility of your order.

    Do you want assistance with your shipments?

    As a Logistics company, we will plan your shipment.

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